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Educational  Solutions

Here at Legamaster, we design tailor-made modern classrooms to give your Teachers and Students the Ultimate Learning Experience. Does your school prefer Traditional Methods, Digital Methods or a combination of both? At Legamaster, our selection of Visual Communication solutions gives institutions the freedom and expertise they need to upgrade and update while effectively producing better results.

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Digital Solutions for Education

Our professional displays and touch screens put you in complete control of your presentation. Designed specifically to meet the needs of modern educational facilities, they can transform any educational lesson or presentation into a highly effective interactive experience.

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Traditional Solutions for Education

All our products, from whiteboards to flipcharts are high-quality. Because our products are developed in-house, we set extremely high quality standards but without compromising on durability. As a result, Legamaster products are ideal for daily use in any educational establishment, from primary schools to universities.

Working with Legamaster in an Educational Environment

Teaching is an art in itself. It's the art of keeping pupils motivated during lessons, something that’s vital when it comes to holding pupils’ attention. That's why Legamaster offers traditional whiteboards, pinboards or flipcharts as well as a wide range of interactive products to help you, the teacher, both capture and hold your pupils’ attention. 

Digital vs. Traditional

Will digital technology take over from traditional teaching aids? It may well do in the longer term. We have noticed that what teachers and lecturers value most about interactive products is their versatility and dynamic qualities. Yet, for some forms of education, it is still useful to be able to continue working with a whiteboard too. Our digital e-Board Touch, for example, is a product that can also be used as a conventional whiteboard. It's the flexibility of our products that is the greatest benefit for education.

Benefits of Using Legamaster in an Interactive Classroom
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Pedagogy Training

Teacher's or Instructors who want to become trained and highly skilled in teaching with technology, alongside  traditional methods can benefit from Legamaster's Pedagogy training subscription. Schools can also opt to subscribe to the Pedagogy Program.

Range of Software

With Legamaster software and technologies such as AirServer, EShare, Whiteboard ,Visualizer, Uboard and Viso Manager, we support your classroom with software updates and support for the long term use of our products.

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Legamaster Service

It is of utmost importance that our schools benefit from constant and long term use of our products. Legamaster Service team focuses on installation, servicing and maintaining products on a regular basis with focus on digital & interactive products.

Creating Educational Spaces with Legamaster

 Flexible                              Innovative                               Collaborative


Achieve collaborative, dynamic and versatile classes by changing your classroom settings whenever you want with our interactive whiteboards and mobile monitors to facilitate simultaneous collaboration from any device.

Collaborative Teaching Solutions with Legamaster

Here we create unlimited writing surfaces. This concept fosters spaces for creativity and construction of ideas with the quality, design and robustness of our magnetic surfaces. Transform your classroom walls into collaborative work and writing spaces with our bacteria resistant panels.


This solution allows students to access the same educational experience regardless of the modality they choose. It allows interaction between students who are joining from home and those who are present in the classrooms.

It promotes the development of communication skills, active participation and teamwork regardless of student's being online or face-to-face.

360 Degree Classroom with Legamaster
Hyflex Classroom with Legamaster
Hyflex Asynchronous Mode
Hyflex 2

This approach to the classroom is a solution for practical and differing subject areas where students may be required to design, build or create simulations. This model supports putting knowledge into action; co-creation & interaction; development of skills, creative & critical thinking; as well as problem-solving.

Workshop Classrooms with Legamaster
Common Spaces with Legamaster

The idea of creating New Common Spaces is a concept where we utilize existing spaces on your school building or compound to expand available writing spaces. This fosters Inspiration and Visual Communication among students. It reinforces Visible Thinking, promotes Brainstorming and facilitates Content Appropriation.

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